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Shooting for The Battalion

A few days ago, July 23rd to be exact, I was contacted by one of my friends asking if I would get some photos of him at his closing show marching with The Battalion Drum and Bugle Corps. Now that I have released the photos to him I can post them here for you all.

This man, Robert McKenna, is the one I was there to photograph for the night

As per my normal, I arrived about 10 minutes before I was supposed to be there so I wouldn't hold them up. It turns out that when he said to be there at 7:00 he meant that his tour bus would be arriving at 7:00 and that I should be there at 7:15.

After a decent amount of texts asking where he was, I finally met up with him and began following him around to document his final show.

All these people unloaded from the busses at once. It took me a few minutes to actually find him

The warm-ups went really smooth and I got quite a few photos (507 to be exact) of his section practicing the ending of their show.

They practice wearing only the pants and not the full jacket due to the heat

When they took the field I lost him for about a minute and a half until he ran right in-front of me.

His uniform blends in with the hundred other people that are wearing an identical getup

This was a great practice for football season coming up. Being my first time shooting under stadium lighting at night instead of daylight.

After their set wrapped up they marched off the field in formation.

This was the final image I captured that night and I feel it perfectly shows the bond formed between the members of the Corps

Overall I'm happy with the shoot and so was he.

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