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Shooting Some Twins

It's not what it sounds like! I promise!

Last week I had a portfolio builder with a set of 'twin' Dodge Challengers.

Painted in matching liveries, I was able to go in and get some one-on-one shooting time with them

I also got to shoot a beautiful 1967 first year SS/RS Camaro.

Decked out in the classic RS Red, this Camaro has only 62 miles on the speedo

The shoot started out fairly normal. Admittedly I was running a bit behind because the dogs wouldn't go into their room, but I still arrived at the location 2 minutes before I needed to be there. The owner of the Camaro arrived right on time at 2:30 with a surprise for me. His wife had brought their truck and a ladder so that I could get a shot of the hoods of both cars, since both had matching black stripes on the hood.

This is a shot I had never even considered getting, so I had no clue how to go about getting it best until I just did it

I started getting some exterior shots of the Camaro when the owners of the Challengers arrived. They began polishing both of their machines while I worked on the Chevy. The owners of the Camaro and Challengers are close friends so they talked while I worked.

The shoot went of without a hitch. The only issues I encountered were those of the heat, the shirt I wore and the open road next to the lot we shot in. It was a cloudless, 90ºF day so I decided on wearing a bright yellow shirt to keep the heat off of me. I didn't account for the reflections of my shirt in the sides of the cars. I was able to keep myself out of the reflections for the most part though. In preparation for the heat I filled a water bottle to drink during the shoot, but I left it sitting right on the kitchen counter. There was also a 2 lane highway that is moderately traveled during the day. I had about 4 shots ruined because I happened to click the shutter right as a car drove into frame.

Good thing I took multiple of this angle, because I don't think I can photoshop out the biker

When I wrapped up with the Camaro I moved over to the pair of Challengers. One was from 1974 while the other was from 2009. I got a few group shots and then went over to do some 1-on-1 with the older of the two.

The natural wood of these classics leads to some lovely pictures

During shooting I learned some interesting details about both cars. The owner of the Challenger has had this car since he was in high school.

I moved to the 2009 model after quite some time with the '74. While shooting I came to the interesting conclusion that Challengers were not meant to be viewed from the front, but instead from a 3/4 front view. They lose their iconic shape when they are viewed straight on.

You lose the awesome rear end when viewing it straight on

This particular model has some cool custom options on it. The front splitter comes from a 2013 SRT8. The Hemi 5.7 Liter badging has been also replaced with 345 Hemi badging. A nod to the engine being 345 Cubic Inches.

Overall it was quite the fun experience that left me with some great pictures and some happy clients.

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